Static workshops and seminars don’t prepare top leaders for what’s coming next. We take your top talent and give them real-world business problems to tackle.






People Leaders

High-Potential Managers

Senior Managers

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What We’ll Do

  • Accelerate the development and maximize the potential of your future leaders while providing actionable tools and deliverables for specific functions.

  • Learn in a contained ecosystem where participants are challenged to develop critical competencies in agility, innovation, and business acumen while providing actionable results through the action-learning project.

  • High-touch executive coaching, mentoring, and projects with executive sponsorship so participants of this program will benefit from personal connections and support that help facilitate their growth.

  • Regular assessments, webinars, and face-to-face residencies. Participants may also learn about their personal areas for development through our assessment and coaching process.


How We Custom Design Your Action-Learning Program

Our signature global-scale action learning programs and change management initiatives have energized the vision of global brands like Singapore Government, Volvo, Pfizer, and General Electric. 

We design high-impact global leadership programs that guide potential leaders as they make mission-critical decisions, collaborate with peers across the world, and implement new solutions for your enterprise.


We build your program based on the rhythm of your company or organization to have the most impact


What will resonate best? We develop a custom blend of panels, experiences, dialogue, action-learning, storytelling, questioning, and more.


Program content is a blend of yours and ours.  80% will come from Westwood and 20% will draw from your company's key objectives.


Whether it's face-to-face, online, or blended, your program will be optimized to meet your people right where they're at.

The Logistics

  • Program Duration: 3-12 months

  • Cohort Size: 12- 50 participants

  • Content: 80% from Westwood, 20% from client

  • Coaching: Group, Executive, and One-on-One

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