Before you work with us, you should know that we do things a little differently.

"You understand us," our clients tell us time and time again.  And we do.  But we don't just strive to understand you; we become a part of the very fabric of your organization. Working with us is creative, collaborative, and deeply transformative.  You are unique and need an efficient, powerful, and personalized solution.



Customized leadership development programs that meet you in the moment.

We intuit your culture and honor your foundations.  We get the best minds in the room.  We ask good questions.  And we work with the answers we get, even when - especially when - they're not what we expected.

We work with the critical few to ignite the critical mass.

Most programs don’t attract high potential people because often they’re just too slow or shallow to ignite true change.  We design our programs so that the leaders we work with can inspire and mobilize.  Everything they learn, they apply right away - so when the program is finished, the momentum doesn't fizzle.



Incorporating the latest research on emotional intelligence, human behavior, and performance psychology.

True leadership comes from a deep and personal place.  We guide you as you uncover the inner wisdom that will orient you even when everything else falls apart.  What we've noticed is this: when people experience true growth from within, they lead with passion, heart, and purpose - no matter what may come.



Want to be more influential, impactful, and resilient?  Mindfulness is key.

The practice of mindful leadership gives you tools to measure and manage your life as you're living it. It teaches you to pay attention to the present moment, recognizing your feelings and emotions and keeping them under control, especially when faced with highly stressful situations.