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What's holding you back as a leader?


Awaken The Leader
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Within all of us are blockers and preconceived notions that hinder our growth.

By disrupting the patterns that are holding us back, we awaken the leader within.

Awaken the Leader is a five-month masterclass designed to unlock your hidden potential and help you advance to the next level of leadership.

In our work with people leaders looking to improve their leadership execution and fast forward their career aspirations, the four most common business challenges we observe are:

Identifying imposter syndrome and its impact on your potential.

Identifying and managing limiting belief sets that are holding you back.

Mood and mental health affecting your performance and overall job satisfaction

Recognizing the importance of your personal brand and how it affects your career and leadership.

The Coaches


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Christine Burych

Building Mental Wealth and Resilience in the Workplace

The founder of Starlingbrook Leadership and a top tier leadership consultant and executive coach. She enables leaders to create collaborative, productive and mentally healthy workplaces.

Christine has helped more than 8,000 senior leaders get past their blind spots, improve mental resilience and grow their leadership presence in the best possible ways.


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Catlin O'Shaugnessy


Unearthing and Defining Your Personal Brand

Cat is a strategic consultant who helps leaders and businesses illuminate the meaning in their work so they can amplify their impact in the world. Drawing on diverse experience counseling executives in Fortune 100s, tech start-up, public institutions, and leading non-profits, Cat helps guide clients to elevate their brand strategy in a way that is authentic, ownable and differentiated, so they can connect with target audiences in an impactful and meaningful way. 



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Greg Zlevor

Building and Leading High-Performance Teams

With a passion for bringing people together in the spirit of collaboration, Greg has a deep respect for the power of organizational culture and teams.  As president of Westwood International, Greg works to develop leaders who are wise inside and smart outside.


Through human-centered programming that emphasizes emotional intelligence and fosters community, Westwood's signature, global-scale, action learning programs, and change management initiatives have energized the vision of global Fortune 50 brands.


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The Program


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Uncovering Your
Limiting Beliefs

1. Understand your motivational values that propel you to act the way you do

2.  Discover what limiting belief system has been created that impacts the way you lead

3.  See where your resilience gets tapped and what resilience muscles you flex most often

4.  Learn how to create a resiliency plan to support your mental health and energy

Defining Your
Personal Brand

  1. Understand the business case and strategic value behind defining a personal brand

  2. Design a framework that brings together your core purpose, persona and value proposition into an authentic and ownable brand identity

  3. Learn specific methods for exploring and unearthing these key elements

  4. Understand how you can put this approach into action in order to attract the right opportunities, partners and inspiration to help you grow in your career

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Leading Others

  1. Discover what it takes to build trust and candidness on a team

  2. Learn the steps to build team clarity and vision

  3. Develop the tools and methods to solve 90% of your problems

  4. Implement simple changes that can increase team impact by 50%

  5. Understand the Four Step model to assess performance issues

By the end of your Awaken the Leader journey you will:

Drive your own agenda

Design your resilience plan

Connect your value to your actions

Learn to focus on what’s important

Identify what you stand for

Create a personal brand framework

Learn the tactics to influence and persuade

Align your sense of self with your expression of self

Articulate your value and how others benefit from it

The Details


  • Monthly group and 1-on-1 coaching from June - December 2021

  • Combination of synchronous group classes paired with 1-on-1 interactive coaching

Awaken The Leader: June 2021

Awaken The Leader: June 2021

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Unlock your brand.

Set your intentionality.

Understand what’s holding you back.

Get the tools to take you to the next level of leadership.

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