Why we became a B corp.

At Westwood International, a culture of service is inherent in all that we do; this includes our relationships within our internal teams, with our clients, and among the communities we serve. As we continue to grow and welcome new connections to our global network, we want to be clear about our culture and what we stand for. Becoming a B Corp is our next step in our commitment to a to making a positive impact in the world. By joining the B corp. community, we also hope to broaden our horizons and discover new ways to partner with other learning organizations that believe in the same things we do.

The Change We Seek

Through our leadership development services, Westwood International strives to have a broad base of diversified relationships and connections, and build a culture of constant feedback, learning, and growth. In order to bridge client relationships through humility, authenticity, and intentionality, Westwood International models a practice of servant leadership and giving back – volunteering time, money, and resources when possible. Our global team consists of compassionate and engaging people of high emotional intelligence who are willing to take full responsibility for their outlook, attitude, and actions. They strive to embody the following values:

  • Fierce optimism.
  • Courageous kindness.
  • Fearless feedback.
  • Ultimate responsibility.
  • Constant Improvement.
  • Endless service.
  • Impeccable Integrity.

Westwood International believes that deep change cannot happen without deep relationships and hope to inspire a critical few to ignite a critical mass. Our unique approach to leadership development teaches people how to have the internal spirit and the external skills to convene for change in a new and deeper way.


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