Client Stories

You want to change the culture, deploy a new initiative, build a strategic vision. Westwood International can help with programs tailored to the exact challenges you face. Every challenge is different and we rise to meet each one.

Case Studies: Fortune 50 Client  •  General Electric Singapore Government  • Global Automotive Client Cohen and Gottlieb

Arthur Anderson | Coached the leadership team of the Arthur Andersen Outsourcing Practice through a multi-month cultural performance process and increased sales by 6 million dollars in one year.

Boston College | Created the leadership residential experience that investigated the inner challenge of leadership and service.

Boston University | Reworked processes in the alumni office, designed offsite department planning sessions, and implemented improved meeting and work flow procedures.

Caliper | Utilized leading research and publications to create unique tools and processes for training clients in leadership and teamwork.

Center for Professional Development | Designed a custom education and support system for aspiring community leaders. We facilitated several programs in Scottsdale at the Center facility.

Central Artery Tunnel | Created a partnering process for cross functional design and implementation leaders, coached team leaders in conflict resolution techniques, and designed and delivered a two-day offsite group building and planning session.

Central Maine Medical Center | Led the leadership portion of an action learning process and contributed to a significant turn around and created enhanced teaming results for the entire enterprise.

Children First | Created and facilitated initial company mission, vision, and values process, coached executive team and center directors through a variety of trainings and processes, designed and facilitated annual company day for six straight years.

Cox Communications | Taught managers techniques on running effective meetings. Provided skills training on handling difficult field situations. Coached leaders and team facilitators to improve communication and productivity.

DePuy Synthes | Designed and led strategic team meetings to bring quality leaders together and cultured a process that taught them a clear way to determine critical activities and liability.

EDS | Provided research materials and consulting to organizational leaders during transitional re-engineering effort, co-designed and personally delivered two day “transitional” experience for management, and provided stability and planning during a period of ambiguity and change.

Epson | Produced a decision making model for Human Resources Group. Constructed follow-up sessions on conflict resolution for managers Coached managers on conflict and difficult client/personnel issues.

Franciscan Health System | Led the leadership development portion of an action learning process to develop leaders while getting strong ROI through completing strategic projects.

Global Institute for Leadership Development (GILD) | For more than 15 years, Greg Zlevor has facilitated leadership circles that have included executives from numerous companies, which include Ford, US Steel, Berlex, Dunkin Donuts, ESPN, US Bank, Starwood, and Citizens Bank to name a few. We have also conducted multiple workshops on Change Management, Leadership Development, and Effective Team Processes.

Honeywell | Helped leadership implement change management tools and practices in their organization and worked with specific teams to teach customized and standard change tools.

Johnson & Johnson | Help design, facilitate, and deliver three global action leadership programs across all sectors and regions. The program continues to be one of the most successful leadership initiatives within the entire global organization.

Kohler | Designed and facilitated an executive team process. We weaved the training of team concepts into a two-day event that also led the team to a vision and mission.

Lexington Public Schools | Designed and facilitated a series of critical meetings to help the administration, teachers, and staff work out key disagreements and issues.

Long Island Professionals | Customized a leadership program for the Study Club that introduced personal development and leadership concepts to the doctors.

Massachusetts General Hospital | We created an executive committee to address the question of growth, productivity, and culture. This process culminated in a custom designed retreat. The retreat provided open communication, cross-functional understanding, and a future action plan. Leaders prioritized critical issues, identified key leaders, and agreed upon effective action plans.

Museum of Science | Designed and coached team through a year-long series of workshops and processes. Coached the team leader. Worked with specific team participants. Conducted quarterly two-day meetings. And helped leaders create improved the team atmosphere, productivity, and culture.

Porter Airlines | Provide design, coaching, and facilitation assistance to an executive leadership program.

Portland State University | Designed extended experiential course for administrators and teachers in community building. Presented group dynamics theory and intervention techniques. Trained organizational leaders in group building models.

Sabre | Consulted and developed a major re-orientation of worldwide marketing and client relationship processes. Delivered new client relationship process through worldwide workshops and coaching. Coached client relationship leader through the re-orientation process.

SCVP | Working with the CEO, we designed a two-year process to evaluate key team members, promote better relationships and to build community within the company. In addition to our association with the CEO and leadership team, we also designed and conducted several company events.

Seattle Study Club | Designed and delivered leadership events for a consortium of dentists who get together to learn about the different facets of running successful practices.

Shell Oil | Customized and led a strategic planning process for the New England Region. Created follow-up materials and report documents. Developed unique recommendations and alignment for operations initiative.

Sierra Nevada Medical Associates | Facilitated CEO level meetings on leadership and decision making. Assisted the organization to create a mission and vision statement. Provided executives with the tools of advanced leadership communication techniques.

Southwest Bell | Intervention for a high-level, corporate-wide team, who were struggling to accomplish their goal and meet their deadlines. Exposed several hidden obstacles and resolved key communication breakdowns between the team and the executive committee. We supported the team over an extended period of time to facilitate through some major hurdles.

Starwood Hotels | Custom designed a one day introduction to hotel units introducing Six Sigma concepts and processes. Coached local Black Belts in project identification, design, and implementation. Produced a custom process for introducing and kicking off Six Sigma and change management implementation.

Sun Microsystems | Prepared and trained managers in change processes. Introduced Six Sigma facilitation tools and skills. Coached designated Sun change leaders during project implementation.

TrizecHahn | Assembled as custom change management process to complement a Six Sigma process. Trained key leaders and managers within TrizecHahn. Provided an advanced Stakeholder analysis and communication techniques. Assembled a unique training manual and process to advance Six Sigma Implementation. Trained key leaders through a three day session.

United Airlines | Taught managers techniques on running effective meetings. Provided skills training on handling difficult employee behaviors and coached team facilitators.

US Office of Personnel Management We were invited to present, complete, and run various projects for them. A sampling of projects includes training programs for The State of Hawaii, The Army Corps of Engineers, The Hawaii Leadership Academy, and presentations at their Effective Communication and Strategic Leadership Week. Attendees of these programs come from all walks of government, and leaders from CIA, US Army, US Navy, IRS, EPA, NASA, GAO, and State Department.

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