Re-energize your team and gain market share.

Has your team experienced a lot of change recently?  Remote work, new leadership, lay offs, new hires and transfers from other divisions? 

You're not alone.  A lot of companies today are facing increased pressure and reduced productivity, resulting in the slow loss of market share.

Our culture sessions will reinvigorate your team, creating safety, encouraging open conversations, and helping your leaders gain an overall sense of empowerment to say 'yes' to what’s working and 'no' to what isn’t.

Connect with us below and learn what your 3-hour custom session could look like.

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"I have felt very disconnected during this last year of the pandemic. Connecting with coworkers today gave me a feeling of validation and value."

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The goal is for this Team Connection Session to:


Through songs, stories, and insights


Through breakouts, report outs, and fun activities


Through both insight-based and experiential learning

In addition to the insights and ideas generated, we also want each activity to have a secondary layer of learning, simply around HOW we can connect with each other. That's why we debrief the connection activities, learning about how we can more effectively run connection time within our day-to-day meetings.

How do we get together and be more inspired? 

When things get difficult, how do we build more resilience?

The answers to these exist within you, and between you.

When our clients come to us, they are hoping to leave their sessions with a general feeling of inspiration, fun and connection to the culture and community of the organization.


That's why we focus our coaching on how to incorporate music and storytelling with key learnings to find the right balance of ‘content and insight’ to activate engagement.

Curious why?  Read our blog on building connection and enanching leadership skill through music.




Peter is a multi-award winning singer-songwriter & speaker, sharing his keynotes and concerts to over 50,000 people since the start of the pandemic. 

Peter's highly customized ‘Keynote Concerts’ go beyond the standard keynote presentation format, utilizing customized-to-your-audience performance enhancers with meaningful musical anchors. The end result is an audience transformed by the power of his message and the authenticity of his delivery, helping them see their purpose through new eyes.

“Peter's presentation changed peoples' lives. His ability to connect to people’s souls is unlike anyone I’ve ever seen. To be the highest standard of being a storyteller is to be like Peter Katz". 


Jeff Pulver - Vonage Founder and VOIP Pioneer



Greg's 25 years of experience in executive leadership development and education, has allowed his insights and tools to change lives, workforces, and deliver results.  A five-time #1 Amazon Best-Selling author and regular participant for industry webcasts, Greg has a deep respect for the power of organizational culture and through storytelling, he brings people together in the spirit of collaboration.

Greg's knowledge of organizational culture goes deep and wide and his training is as thorough as they come. Greg is an innovator who specializes in non-canned training for dynamic teams to develop their work ethic, culture and workflow. He is an outstanding trainer and communicator who goes to many lengths to functionally improve the companies that he works with to enable them to get to the next level. I would recommend Greg to anyone looking to improve their organization and their teams!

Brenna Gimler - Operations Manager, Unified Networking Solutions

We work with the critical few to ignite the critical mass.

At Westwood, our high-end facilitators, coaches, and trainers, work from research-based processes to deliver custom programs that best fit your organizational culture.


In the recently released ROL100™, one of our premier clients ranked in the top 5, being the top-ranked company in their industry.

We’ve worked with 4 of the top 20 companies, 7 of the top 30 companies. Coincidence?  We think not.

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Team Meeting

Westwood programs offer incredible, gifted communicators, who have a keen understanding of human behavior and how to bring out the best in people as they navigate challenges in life and in business. I have attended sessions both in person and online, and can attest to the tremendous value and insight they bring to everyone in the room. 

-President, Finance Industry

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We know it seems like a big claim, but it's true.  In our 30+ years of designing leadership development programs, it's always stuck...with >10% of participants being late-bloomers. 


The keys are strategic recruitment and consistent participation; we'll share our proven methods with you for both.