FOG: For Our Growth


Storytelling • Idea sharing   Enjoying delicious food and fine wine

  Tapping ancient spiritual wisdom  Laughing with old friends and new ones

  Gathering 0pen minds and open hearts  Connecting at a deeper level


Imagine if you could sit side by side with speakers, share a glass of wine with authors, and have a meal with successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. And after the event, take away some significant new ideas, a heart full of inspiration, and a circle of new colleagues.

That is what happens at FOG events.

This is an intimate event of about 30-40 people offered on an invite-only basis. You need to be recommended and interviewed to be selected to attend. In addition, you need to follow the FOG philosophy in letter and in spirit where attendees and speakers commit to be present for the whole experience.

It is an all teach, all learn model – exchange and dialogue, not a take and go. We don’t do impersonal transactions. We encourage and build lasting relationships.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Stay innovative and wise in the midst of crisis, conflict, and challenge
  • Incorporate new methods to innovate in your personal and professional life
  • Utilize key language and questions to drive transformation
  • Overcome barriers to change and innovation
  • Make innovation and change happen on a large scale
  • Share ideas and knowledge through a new, transformative business process

Location TBD

We’d love you to join us! Contact Noell Quine for more details at


Westwood International • PO Box 1166 Stowe, Vermont USA 05672 • Phone 802.253.1933 • Fax 802.253.1935