General Electric

Case Study  – Leadership Program Design and Facilitation

Over the course of six years, Westwood International worked with General Electric executives to create a global change management program and successfully implement the model around the world.

The Challenge

General Electric had talented leaders across the globe, many of whom were Six Sigma Black Belts. These leaders had developed compelling solutions that could help GE’s business – if only they could be implemented.

But there was a problem. Despite the strength of their vision, these leaders just could not get the buy-in to make their ideas work. Many of them weren’t getting the results they had envisioned, stalling initiatives that were vital to GE’s business success.

For these initiatives to work, GE needed leaders in the organization on-board. And to do that, they needed to focus on the people side of leadership.

The Solution

Westwood International participated with GE executives to design a large-scale change management program that spanned six years, circled the globe, and ultimately influenced thousands of GE employees globally.

The result was GE’s CAP (Change Acceleration Process) program. CAP was implemented via 1, 3, and 5-day change management workshops and collaborations for executive and manager-level leaders around the world.

Westwood facilitated the workshops and worked with intact teams and change management agents to position their initiatives for success. Sometimes, we’d work with a team for the span of one workshop – other times, we’d collaborate with them for several months.

We focused on the people part of change, teaching GE’s leaders how to successfully implement their ideas in the larger organization by getting their teams, people, and organization on-board, across the board.

In our workshops, we discussed how to get buy-in, how to get good ideas to spread, and how to rally people across conflict, across functions, and across cultures.

These workshops were global in scope, and we met with leaders across Europe, Australia, Asia, and the US to make sure everyone was on the same page. Over the course of those six years, Westwood International worked with over 1,500 executive managers, each of whom was responsible for tens of thousands of reports. This means that the CAP program literally reached millions of GE employees across the globe.[/container_content]

The Outcome

Teams that we worked with emerged as more productive, better bonded, and better prepared to get large-scale organizational buy-in. They consistently came up with better ideas and decisions, and were more productive in their leadership approach. We saw these types of results within teams, across functions, and across cultures.

While working on CAP, we were also invited to create and collaborate on other successful projects including:

  • Designing and facilitating multiple leadership and strategic planning sessions for executives
  • Instigating and executing quality training for managers in the US, Europe, and Australia
  • Establishing and delivering a Small Business Solutions program as well as merger and acquisition process.
  • Creating tools for conflict resolution and consensus building.

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