A leader must first lead themselves before they can lead others.

There's a lot more to developing a leader than just teaching the hard skills. Functional, financial, and strategic acumen may be essential to the role, but if your leadership development programs are missing this key component, then they're a missed opportunity.

Does your company rely on your leaders to motivate, inspire, guide, and drive organizational culture to reach peak potential? 


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There’s a need to balance intuition, tactics, people, and strategy as your leaders move further into the executive world. 

If leaders can't lead themselves, then others won't follow.

Our custom leadership development programs focus on helping your leaders progress on their own so they can share that progression with their team.  The result, an organization that can focus on what it needs to get further, better, faster.

For managers, it’s about shifting from being an individual contributor to being in charge of individuals.  This means learning the basic skills of delegating, putting emphasis on the transition from working on people to working through people.

For executives and those moving up the leadership ladder, it’s about how do we think better, how do we tell better stories, how do we get better buy-in, how do we build and maintain a strong vision. 

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How We Custom Design Your Leadership Development Program


We build your program based on the rhythm of your company or organization to have the most impact.


What will resonate best? We develop a custom blend of panels, experiences, dialogue, action-learning, storytelling, questioning, and more.


Program content is a blend of yours and ours.  80% will come from Westwood and 20% will draw from your company's key objectives.


Whether it's face-to-face, online, or blended, your program will be optimized to meet your people right where they are.


We help develop people leaders who empower their teams to best meet the strategies of your company while building relationships, networks, and thinking within the organization. They don't just deliver better on the organizational strategy, they deliver it in a way that make people say, ‘I want to work with that person,’ ‘I want that person on my team,’ and ‘I want that person leading my team again.’


We strive for this result every time.


We help you identify your strategic projects and develop inspirational models.  We bring the right people in to speak, work, and interact with your cohorts.  These models are respected within your organization and show how to practice these behaviors to best develop habits and build networks.


Group work, social reinforcement, and accountability combined with valued relationships allow your people to grow faster and with greater strength.

We work with the critical few to ignite the critical mass.

At Westwood, our high-end facilitators, coaches, and trainers, work from research-based processes to deliver custom programs that best fit your organizational culture.


In the recently released ROL100™, one of our premier clients ranked in the top 5, being the top-ranked company in their industry.

We’ve worked with 4 of the top 20 companies, 7 of the top 30 companies. Coincidence?  We think not.

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“Today, there is less conflict, less volatility and far greater stability in our practice. Our personal and professional interactions have evolved. We recognize our differences and respect them. When we have conflicts, we now have the tools to overcome them. Without Westwood International's, expertise, patience, and perseverance, we would not be where we are now. “

-Seattle-based Team Building Client

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What happens if it doesn't 'stick?'

It always sticks.

We know it seems like a big claim, but it's true.  In our 30+ years of designing leadership development programs, it's always stuck...with >10% of participants being late-bloomers. 


The keys are strategic recruitment and consistent participation; we'll share our proven methods with you for both.