Leadership Workshops

Every Westwood workshop is unique, but we tend to focus on what we do best. Below is a sampling of what we’re capable of doing – and what we’ve done in the past.

To request a workshop for your organization, contact us today. And if you’re looking for something a little different than what you see below, let us know. We’ll be happy to custom craft a workshop just for you.

  • Global Leadership: What it Takes to Lead on a Global Scale
  • Global leadership is difficult to master, even for the most talented leaders. So what does it take? Our workshops explore what it means to think and lead globally – as well as what other companies are doing to prepare their top talent for an increasingly interconnected world.
  • Some of our previous global leadership workshops have included:
  • Building Global Business Thinkers and Leaders
    Johnson and Johnson, Rome, Italy
  • Designing and Delivering Strategic Global Leadership Initiatives for Dramatic Results
    The Best Practices in Leadership Development Summit, San Diego, CA
  • A Global Model at Johnson and Johnson
    The Best of Talent Management Summit, San Francisco, CA
  • An Innovative Action Learning Leadership Process
    Best Practice Institute
  • Women in Leadership
    Linkage Conference, San Francisco, CA
  • Leadership Development
  • Cultivating Inner Wisdom and Outer Smarts

Our leadership development workshops incorporate the latest research on emotional intelligence, human behavior, and performance psychology. We teach your leaders how to see what others miss, communicate with authenticity, influence a critical mass, and lead wisely in volatile times.

Some of our previous leadership development workshops have included:

  • Centered Leadership in a Complex World
    Systems Thinking in Action Conference, Atlanta, GA
  • Growing Fast in a Fast-Growth Company
    The Best of Organizational Development Summit, Naples, FL
  • Positive Leadership for a Turbulent Age
    The Best of Organizational Development Summit, Chicago, IL
  • Leadership Made Simple:
    Twice the Results in Half the Time, PA Study Club, Toronto, Canada

Team Development: Teams, Dreams, and Making It All Come True

Our team development workshops get everybody in the same room and on the same page. We show them how to build cohesion, foster community, and start speaking common language to achieve common goals. We focus on cultivating strength-based teams where each individual’s contribution shines – without eclipsing the rest of the group.

Some of our previous workshops have included:

  • Creating Strength-Based, High Performing Teams, The Best of Organizational Development Summit, Chicago, IL
  • Making Your People the Best They Can Be, Caliper, Seattle, WA
  • Teamwork: The Foundation of Success, Seattle Study Club Symposium

Let’s discover how we can customize a Westwood Workshop for your leadership and organization.