Nancy Badore (5)

Nancy Badore

“We took community-building into Ford. It felt like we were present at the revolution.”

Before joining Westwood International, Dr. Nancy Badore founded and served as the Executive Director of Ford Motor Company’s Executive Development Center.

“I didn’t feminize Ford,” Nancy says, but she did help the car manufacturer change its autocratic corporate culture to a more participative one. She was catapulted into the public eye after her work at Ford was immortalized in Sally Helgesen’s book, The Female Advantage.

Nonplussed to find herself receiving so much attention as a prime example of the new feminist dogma, Badore says most of the people she coached were men. ”Even with their highly autocratic background, they opted for a more participative approach when they could see the pay off on the bottom line.”

Nancy brings expertise in four distinct arenas: senior-level executive coaching; ensuring business results from executive education and leadership conferences; creating and sustaining cultural change; and moving from articulating strategic goals to successful implementation.

“A person telling their own truth is charismatic.”

In addition to an impressive client list that includes PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Microsoft, and Kaiser Permanente, Nancy’s accomplishments are documented in six different books and a Harvard Business School case which details a decade of cultural change projects she conceived and directed.

Nancy works with Westwood International as a senior advisor as well as work on various client projects, and helps with the organization and program development of FOG. Badore holds a PhD. in Organizational and Community Psychology from Boston College.

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