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3 Key Takeaways: How Beliefs & Values Shape you as a Leader with Masterclass coach Christine Burych

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Click here, or on the image below to join our Masterclass coach Christine Burych as she hosts a free Awaken the Leader informational webinar!

The recording includes a high-level overview of:

  1. why values are important,

  2. how your leadership experiences shape the way you think

  3. how your belief system is the foundation on which your leadership style is built.

She'll also touch on our five belief systems and provide three essential takeaway tips to apply them in your leadership role.

Westwood International loves sharing information with the world. We hope these tips and the Awaken the Leader Masterclass can help you achieve a leadership level you never thought possible.

Keep an eye out for Greg Z.'s complimentary webinar on Wednesday, April 28th, and another with coach Cat Coffrin on Wednesday, May 26th.

Be well

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