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Bridging The Generation Gap: Science-Backed Strategies To Building + Leading Multi-Generational Gaps

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

We are in the midst of the largest power hand-off in history.

There are 5 generations in the workplace today. Each with their own expectations, communication styles, and affinities for technology. And not understanding what motivates each individual - let alone each generation - could be the difference between surviving and thriving.

Organizations that assume all generations work and lead like the other will quickly be replaced by those led with generational empathy and clear leadership expectations.

  • How to prepare Millennials for leadership ... and what each generation thinks about leadership

  • Which of today's most popular leadership styles are actually the most dangerous long-term

  • How to manage and motivate Millennials in today's workforce

  • The 4- steps to creating a multi-generational leadership model

  • Case studies and hands-on examples of organizations that have reinvented themselves as Millennial-friendly

Gabrielle is known as America's Millennial expert. She is one of the most requested speakers on generational leadership and Millennial motivation. Gabrielle is the bestselling author of four books on her generation--including 5 Millennial Myths: The Handbook For Managing and Motivating Millennials. Gabrielle has been featured on NPR, Sirius XM, Fox Business, TIME and others for her work on generations. Gabrielle's popular TEDx Talk challenges whether Millennials will be the next great generation, and has taken her to stages around the world. Gabrielle is the Founder and President of The Millennial Solution based in Washington, D.C.

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