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Building Connection and Enhancing Leadership Skills Through Music

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Want to be an effective leader? Connect the brain. Think about it. According to the Dana Foundation, “…the two sides of the brain have come to symbolize two sides of human nature…”. Right-brained people are categorized as creative, big-picture thinkers, whereas left-brained dominant folks are more quantitative, logical, and analytical.

As a leader, your role is to effectively and positively lead and balance different personalities. Achieve this by practicing whole-brain leadership. By enhancing the connection between both sides of the brain, you can use data and emotional intelligence to build relationships within your team, navigate challenging situations, and more.

But it’s a bit more complicated than we think.

People aren’t just left or right-brained. Let’s use music as an example to break it down even further. Often, people associate musicians as right-brain dominant due to the creative nature of their work. Zoom out. What makes a skilled musician different from someone who enjoys singing in the shower? Increased awareness of things like tempo, melody, pitch, and more. Not to say that shower singers aren’t aware of those elements, but as musicians evolve, they begin to strengthen the communication and connection between both sides of the brain.

Strengthen your mind with music.

If music is an activity that strengthens the connection between both sides of your brain, and to be an effective leader, you must use both sides of your brain, train your mind with music. Learn a new instrument, sing along to your favorite songs (even in the shower), or even get your team together to write or perform a song. Who knows… maybe someone in your office has a hidden talent!

Enhance your skills.

Influential leaders stand out for their ability to understand emotions, empathetically influence and build relationships, and foster connection within their team to increase productivity and wellbeing and decrease opportunities for burnout. But, do your people leaders have the skills to run and manage virtual teams? We recently developed a 3-month virtual program that consists of group training and coaching sessions to help your leaders expand their skills to do so.

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