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Calculating and Achieving a Return on Leadership

There’s a lot more to developing a leader than just teaching the hard skills. That’s where we come in. At Westwood International, we transform those with leadership titles into true people leaders who empower their teams to best meet your company’s strategies while building relationships, networks, and thinking within the organization.

Here’s our proof:

In June 2021, Indiggo partnered with Fortune magazine to publish for ROL100™ for the first time. This new metric, ROL™, captures the Return On Leadership® of Fortune 500 companies and measures several key components of leadership alignment, connection, and execution. The ROL100™ is a competitive and comprehensive ranking of the top 100 companies based on the four fundamental leadership pillars with a strong sense of mission, vision, and purpose.

The Fundamentals of ROL

1. Connection to Purpose: An organization’s ability to not only communicate but integrate and incorporate clear, meaningful, and visible purpose into its strategy. Connection to Purpose is the foundation of innovative strategies that supports sustainable success and effective leadership.

2. Strategic Clarity: This foundational pillar measures the understanding of the shared purpose that investors and employees have in their company and their confidence in successfully executing their strategies.

3. Leadership Alignment: Building off of the first two pillars, leadership alignment measures both executive alignment and employee sentiment regarding leadership effectiveness and organizational agility. A clear alignment around purpose, mission, and vision, along with positive employee sentiment, reduces risk and failure and increases trust and accountability.

4. Focused Action: How well the company performs relative to expectations and competitors and how well goals are achieved and executed. Focused action pulls together the other three fundamental pillars to understand employee sentiment, empowerment, agility, and ability to make strategic choices.

The key takeaway here is that these fundamental pillars do not stand alone. Instead, each one builds off the next one and works together to establish a shared sense of clarity, unity, direction, and vision all throughout your organization.

Do you want your organization to lead with purpose and operate with clarity? It all starts with your leaders.

We’re proud to say that one of our premier clients ranked in the top 5, being the top-ranked company in their industry. In addition, we’ve worked with 4 of the top 20 companies and 7 of the top 30 companies.

Does your company rely on your leaders to motivate, inspire, guide, and drive organizational culture to reach peak potential?

Here’s how our programs have helped our clients stand out:

If your leaders can’t lead themselves, then others won’t follow. Our custom leadership development programs focus on helping your leaders progress on their own so they can share that progression with their team. After all,

People can’t make progress for their company unless they can make progress for themselves, and they can’t help their team progress unless they’re personally progressing” - Greg Zlevor

Our high-end facilitators, coaches, and trainers work from research-based processes to deliver custom programs that best fit your organization.

For managers, it’s about shifting from being an individual contributor to being in charge of individuals. Create a space for your managers to thrive by enhancing the basic skills of delegating and emphasizing the transition from working on people to working through people.

For executives and those moving up the leadership ladder, it’s about how do we think better, how do we tell better stories, how do we get better buy-in, how do we build and maintain a strong vision?

Static workshops and seminars don’t prepare top leaders for what’s coming next. Here’s where we stand out–we work together to help you identify your strategic projects and develop inspirational models. Then, based on those individualized models, we bring the right people in to speak, work, and interact with your cohorts. To ensure that it sticks, because it always sticks, we build empowering and supportive communities through group work, social reinforcement, and accountability. The result? Your people grow faster and with greater strength.

Are you ready to take the next step? Connect with us today, and let’s develop YOUR program together.

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