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Check In With Your Hybrid Teams

Your hybrid team is struggling. It’s time to check in with them.

The flexibility of being remote is great, but how is your team really doing? Our best guess is that they are experiencing varying degrees of burnout because they lack social motivation, routine, a positive work environment, and visibility–no one can truly see how hard they are working.

So what can you do to make sure your employees are saying more than just, “I like that I can work from anywhere?”

Try these 5 helpful ways to better support your hybrid teams:

1) Ask the right questions

There’s a significant disconnect between how we all think remote teams are ‘thriving’ versus how they actually are, based on our own lived experiences. So the questions that we are asking can’t be as simple as “Do you want to return to the office?”

When you ask the right questions, you can gather the essential insights you need to design and manage a successful hybrid team model.

According to Priya Parker, author of “The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters,” she suggests that we should be asking,

What did you long for when we couldn’t physically meet?

What did you not miss and are ready to discard?

What forms of meeting did you invent during the pandemic out of necessity that, surprisingly, worked?

What might we experiment with now?

Do you see the difference? By asking open-ended questions and steering clear of simple “yes or no” questions, you’re making space for innovative ideas and opportunities. There is no one rule or uniform structure. Every team is different, everyone is different, and everyone's needs are different. So design a plan that accommodates your team's needs.

2) Be open to experimenting

These are unprecedented times for everyone, leaders included. Be transparent that you do not have all the answers, but let your actions show that you are doing all you can to create a positive, inclusive, and productive workspace.

The best way to do this is by listening to what your team is struggling with and finding ways to help them. For example, if your team is struggling with the lack of connection and collaboration, try to find a safe way to gather together in person or experiment with fun remote relationship-building activities. Click here to learn 10 simple ways to foster connection and enhance workplace culture.

We have an unusual opportunity to experiment with the workplace in its entirety, a unique opportunity to mold it into something new that works for everyone, and to foster a collaborative culture that not only inspires but motivates your community. Now’s the time to dive right in.

3) Check in with your team

Check-ins are more critical than ever before with hybrid teams, but you must know the difference between checking in and checking up on your team. The difference between the two is micromanaging. Instead, check in with your team to provide information, guidance, and validation while empowering them to establish their own methods and timing. When employees experience frequent communication and genuine support, there is an increase in motivation, productivity, performance, and overall well-being.

4) Schedule monthly one-on-one check-ins

Designate a space for people to ask questions, raise concerns, build and strengthen relationships, and feel valued. Along with the scheduled monthly check-ins, check in with your team daily to see how they are doing and have a clear insight into what they are working on and how you can best support them.

5) Give them the tools to thrive

If your team is working from home, either full or part-time, do they have an adequate set-up? Consider investing in products for your team to better equip their workspace to be one that promotes productivity, flexibility, and efficiency.

Not sure where to begin? Here are a few ideas: A work laptop, another monitor, a standing desk or comfortable work chair, new headphones, mouse pad or wrist support, or even a dedicated camera and microphone for clear and crisp video calls.

Another approach is to give your employees a monthly stipend to purchase the things they need to be their best selves at work, whether at home or in the office. This can be designated for anything from workspace products to exercise classes or the occasional treat from their favorite local spot.


Did you know that 77% of leaders have reported that they’ve never managed a fully remote team, and 89% have never managed a partially remote team?

The greatest tool that you can give to your employees to thrive is growth opportunities.

Consider investing in leadership development to learn how to be more resilient, influential, and agile for themselves and their teams. Click here to learn more about our Virtual Learning programs.

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