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Efficient e-Communication Tips

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Your inbox has 2,367 unread messages. Your anxiety level increases every time that number does, so let’s give that lengthy email a cut and style. Make a phone call for more serious issues or topics that require a discussion. If a screen share would make things more clear, schedule a zoom call. And if you need a quick response, use WhatsApp or Slack.

If an email needs to happen, keep the tips below in mind:

Be Respectful

When bringing up concerns, remember to use specifics and be respectful. Thank them for their hard work and creativity but be clear about where you see changes or adjustments. Offer assistance if they feel stuck or confused. Follow critiques with something positive you've noticed, such as, "Hey, I heard from a client that you were extremely helpful and professional on your call the other day! Nice work! They loved working with you!"

Share Praise and Resources Freely

Emails don't always have to be about a to-do list. Let someone know you are proud of their work on that last project or that you are so happy their hard work paid off and got that promotion. Make celebrating each other a team norm that can lift employees and motivate the group.

Tell People When You Don’t Need A Response

Be clear about what you do or don’t need. One less email to respond to eliminates the worry that you may owe someone a response or feedback. Being permitted not to respond can feel like one more item has been crossed off your to-do list. Who doesn't love that?!

Email doesn't have to be the enemy. Using it creatively and thoughtfully while keeping incoming messages categorized and organized promotes connection and efficiency.

So go ahead and reclaim your inbox.

Be well. Lead Well.

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