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How We Design Our Programs

Curious about what goes into designing our programs? Here’s a quick glimpse.

At Westwood, we focus on having high-end facilitators, coaches, and trainers work from proven methods that come from research-based processes to deliver custom programs to fit a particular client or culture.

Our number one goal is to create offerings, programs, and resources to best support your leaders and their teams. But progress doesn’t stop there. Every growth stage is designed to inspire and spread like wildfire, allowing folks to share that progression out of passion and excitement and work together to move forward, be more productive, and stronger as a team.

The key to unlocking it all is understanding what “it” is for you as a company.

Given that each company is unique, no two strategies are the same. In the planning phase, we ask the right questions at the right moment to help identify the clear strategy, the behaviors needed to reach said strategy, key performance indicators, and outline what projects would help the organization move forward. The commonality throughout all of our programs is finding the specific tools to focus on what’s important to you and learn when to say yes to what is right and no to what is frivolous.

We teach skills to be more resilient, influential, and agile. Together, those three things teach your leaders how to productively facilitate conversations, present in a compelling manner, and encourage buy-in. We build experiences that your leaders can practice while establishing relationships with our coaches to offer insight on growth and areas of improvement.

We develop this all around the values your company deems important.

Small picture: we’re designing programs. Big picture: we’re building a network. A network that creates space to practice these behaviors and establish positive habits. A network of social reinforcement and accountability to ensure that it sticks because it always sticks.

In the recently released ROL100™, one of our premier clients ranked in the top 5, being the top-ranked company in their industry. But it doesn’t just stop there. We’ve worked with 4 of the top 20 companies; 7 of the top 30 companies. Coincidence? We think not. Learn about our previous programs designed for The Singapore Government, our global Fortune 50 healthcare client, Cohen & Gottlieb, and Volvo.

In the words of Greg Zlevor, President and Founder of Westwood International, “​​People can’t make progress for their company unless they can make progress for themselves, and they can’t help their team progress unless they’re personally progressing.”

Ready to become a more effective leader, overcome organizational issues, and empower your team? Let’s get to work–click here to connect with us.

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