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Integrating Wellness into Your Workplace

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Research shows that people who take the time for a walk or fresh air, a 10-minute meditation, etc., are more productive than those that do not.

But remember the saying, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink?" You can allow employees to create space for wellness in their workday, but you can't make them take it. The best you can do is lead by example and offer several wellness options that appeal to the bookworm and the thrill-seeker.

So how do you start to promote, encourage and integrate wellness into your workplace and with remote teams?

Lead by Example

No one will feel ok taking time for themselves (even if you tell them to) if you cannot take time for yourself. Show your team that wellness is a priority in your own life and encourage them to cultivate it in theirs.

Hold Each Other Accountable

A lot of our zoom calls and communications are work-related. Change it up by making a space that focuses on community-building activities. Do your team members have any hidden talents or passions? Host cooking classes, book clubs, fitness classes, or even create a space to exchange cooking tips, family recipes, and self-care tips!

Walk and Talk

Instead of hosting another Zoom call, suggest a walking meeting. Put on your headphones and get outside! Make notes on your phone or on a piece of paper that you can bring with you to ensure you achieve the meeting's desired outcome. Once back at your desk, recap the meeting and outline deliverables with your walking buddy. A great way to clear your mind, get fresh air, and still be able to keep up with your projects.

Office Time-Out

Send a message to your team announcing an office time out! Something like, "Hello everyone! We are taking office time out from 1-2 pm today, so we encourage you to take that time to do something that makes you feel renewed. Whatever it is, this is your time!" If these seem to work well, consider doing the same thing but for a day once a month. Announce that this day will be in observance of wellness and encourage your team to participate in an activity that they find recharging and rejuvenating. Don’t forget to share a photo at the end! Not only will this bring people together, but it might even give others ideas for future office time-outs.

Engaging remote teams in a wellness journey builds connections between team members, sparks creativity, and increases productivity. Wellness and work-life balance will never be a bad thing, so inspire your team to take advantage of the opportunities your business can provide starting today!

Be well. Lead well.

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