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The ROI of Leadership Development

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Only 3% of organizations evaluate at a level 4 on the Kirkpatrick model (impact), so how can your organization not only go about measuring at a level 4 but even beyond that to a level 6?

● Why starting with desired results in mind is critical to the success of any initiative. ● How to build business value in development. ● How to obtain comprehensive, honest and quantitative and qualitative training data.

Our panel of experts includes Paul Leonne and Paul Aggett. The unscripted nature of this roundtable allows for an unusually open and engaged conversation, much in the spirit of an informal watercooler chat!

You’ll walk away from this free webinar knowing:

● The best practices for assessing leadership development. ● The ‘new’ qualities needed to succeed in the current landscape. ● And more!

Watch it here:

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