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What are Action Learning Programs?

Our action learning programs are rigorous six-month, high-touch professional development programs that bring together high-potential managers from all sectors of your organization. Each program offers a combination of webinars, mentoring calls and coaching, action-learning projects, and multi-day residencies.

Regionally-based and globally focused, we expose participants to new and diverse cultural perspectives. Our programs challenge participants to communicate in a new way, improving their learning agility, thoughtfulness, self-awareness, and global understanding. The regional focus allows us to identify and develop potential leaders we might otherwise overlook.

Let’s break down the process.

Our approach is simple–we develop mindsets. We focus on individual development, using assessment, reflection, mindfulness, and feedback to improve participant self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Combined with simulated and experiential learning, continuous engagement, and exposure to mentors and sponsors, we give participants the tools to evolve into dynamic leaders and active team members.

“Westwood’s excellently designed program taps into the leadership potential of people who may just not know how to market themselves or be aware of their strengths and their potential.” - Action Learning Program Participant

The initial six weeks of the program are virtual; during this time, participants examine their behaviors, ambitions, relationships, and interactions. They are introduced to the power of mindfulness, self-awareness, and communication and learn how best to apply them to their personal and professional lives. These lessons in communication, virtual teaming, and focus are critical to laying the foundation for future successes and better preparing them for the challenges ahead.

The first residency provides intentional challenges around project structure, leadership roles, responsibilities, and managing different high-performing personality types. This helps them understand each other and know how best to organize themselves into a team that exceeds expectations and delivers an actionable outcome. The program, by design, is an exercise in dynamic growth.

What do leaders take away from this experience?

Professional Development

The nature of our action learning programs exposes participants to global perspectives and self-awareness they had not previously encountered. Above all else, participants learn how to convey a clear vision and goal for their team, communicate clearly, and delegate effectively.

Organizational Exposure

We believe that it’s essential to rotate managers and provide experience in different sectors, but rotation takes time and resources. Our action learning programs offer unique cross-sector exposure for your top managers.

“This program gave me great tools and mechanisms so that I approach situations in the right way, am agile in my approach, and make sure that I don’t just survive and exist, but I come out successful.” - Anonymous Participant

How does it benefit your organization?

Our programs are powerful tools for our clients. We deliver participants a playbook on how to give feedback and access the powerful knowledge base that exists throughout your organization, all while reinforcing and expanding your company’s network.

We work with the critical few to ignite the critical mass. By exposing participants to different sectors of your organization, we foster connections between colleagues and create a space for social reinforcement. Due to this experience, participants and their fellow team members have improved their communication style and interactions with people from other regions, cultures, and functions.

The beauty of this experience is that no one has a preconceived understanding of our action learning programs. Participants bring a lack of perspective, bias, and expectation, and in return, we deliver innovative and transformative thinking to a space that didn’t have it before.

The exposure this program brings to the matrix is invaluable. Learning to understand varying perspectives and applying them to an insightful approach is what we need from our leaders today and tomorrow.

“There are very few companies that take the time to build programs at scale to grow their future... When you have that culture, it means your company is going to be great for the long term. I would be honored to work for a company like that.” -Anonymous Participant

It’s safe to say that static workshops and seminars don’t prepare top leaders for what’s coming next. Ready to take the next step? Connect with a leadership development expert to custom design your action-learning program.

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