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Workplace Wellness and Wellbeing Challenges

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

When many shifted to remote work, their ability to separate work from life became increasingly difficult. While balancing all of the distractions that come with working from home and experiencing social isolation, the lines separating work and life became blurry, making it hard for people to end their day and leave work at work. As a result, employees’ mental health and overall wellbeing took a big hit. Maintaining a professional and personal self has been a challenge since the start of the pandemic in 2020.

Do you agree? HR leaders around the globe certainly do!

The Future Workplace 2021 HR Sentiment survey notes that “as companies transform where employees work and how they work, the focus will be on individual human concerns, not just organizational ones.” This report also notes that 68% of HR leaders deemed employee wellbeing and mental health a top priority for the coming year.

What can you do to better support your employees in the new normal?

At Westwood International, we believe that a leader must first lead themselves before they can lead others. After all, as our founder and President Greg Zlevor likes to say, “people can’t make progress for their company unless they can make progress for themselves. ”

Improving individuals’ wellbeing is an inherent step in improving organizational success. Are you ready to get started?

Pause and reflect. Does your team have the tools to progress in their personal and professional life?

Put yourself first for the moment. What parts of your life need more attention?

Take the PERMAH wellbeing survey as an individual, then take one as a team to gain measured insight on what parts of your life need more attention and track your progress along the way.

Make space for wellness and wellbeing.

Creating space for wellness and wellbeing has countless benefits. It not only improves work-life balance, but it fosters a connection between team members, sparks creativity, and increases productivity.

Here are 3 workplace challenges that will inspire your employees to be well and lead well.

Steps Challenge

Set a steps goal that your employees need to achieve each day for one month – 10,000 steps daily is a great starting point to improve mental health and overall wellbeing. Be sure to explore the great apps out there that make it easy to track. For starters, check out Walker Tracker, an app designed with corporate wellness challenges in mind.

This challenge aims to promote fitness breaks throughout the day and inspire your team members to take time away from the computer to clear their minds and improve productivity. But don’t forget to incentivize with rewards! For inspiration, consider a gift card to a local business, a fitness tracker like an Apple Watch, a long weekend, or shorter office hours on Fridays for one month.

Make Mindfulness a Practice

We recently developed our FREE app, Be Well Lead Well, which offers 7-21 day programs that give you the tools to harness your full potential.

Each time a participant completes a challenge, they receive a badge to celebrate their achievement– an excellent opportunity to set up a reward system for badges collected and incentivize continued participation!

Challenges are a great way to incorporate positive habits into your daily routine. For example, consider a mindfulness-based challenge if you notice that your team members are struggling both professionally and personally.

Click here to learn how to spot when a team member is struggling.

Gratitude Challenge

Take your daily routine to the next level by incorporating moments of gratitude and kind intentions. Want to learn how? Watch this great video from Greg for insight into changing your focus and daily intention, feeling happier, and living a more present life in just 30 days.

Interested in more insights to lead well and be well? Dive into our Leadership Library for more tools and resources to help you be well, and lead well.

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