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Fortune 50 companies, emerging businesses, and courageous non-profits come to us with their biggest leadership challenges.

We respond with high-impact, highly personalized solutions that are nothing short of transformative.


Global Leadership is difficult. 
We design for that.

Our signature global-scale action learning programs and change management initiatives have energized the vision of global brands like Singapore Government, Volvo, Pfizer, and General Electric. 

We develop leaders who are wise inside and smart outside through humanistic programming that emphasizes emotional intelligence and fosters community.

The world is changing every moment. Static workshops and run-of-the-mill seminars just don’t prepare top leaders for what’s coming next. That’s why global Fortune 50 corporations turn to us for relevant action-learning programs that help high-potential leaders thrive in turbulent times.

We design high-impact global leadership programs that guide potential leaders as they make mission-critical decisions, collaborate with peers across the world, and implement new solutions for your enterprise.

Everything Westwood International does is action-oriented. In our programs, the stakes are high and the growth is real. We take your top talent, give them real-world problems to tackle, and challenge them to implement solutions worth millions in potential profits.

Every step of the way, our best advisors and consultants guide them as they evolve into smarter, wiser global leaders. Our global leadership programs are demanding, comprehensive, and breathtaking in their vision and scope. They deliver a higher ROI than traditional classroom training, modules, and small projects combined.

Create A Culture - Lead With Wisdom

Every Westwood workshop is unique, but we tend to focus on what we do best. 

Strengthen collaboration, sense of community, & cohesion.

Choose from a variety of Team Development options, including:

Intact Team Development

Team Coaching

Group Facilitation

Experiential Learning


Challenge-Based Projects

Global Action Learning Programs


The biggest leadership challenge of today is:

How do we influence and motivate this critical mass?

Past programs include:

  • Positive Leadership for a Turbulent Age
  • Growing Fast in a Fast-Growth Company
  •  Centered Leadership in a Complex World

Bring out your leaders’ inner wisdom and outer smarts.

Choose from a variety of Executive Development options, including:

Executive Coaching

One-on-One Leadership Development

Leadership Summits, Seminars, Retreats, and Workshops

Customized Leadership Training Programs

Global Action-Learning Programs


Global Leadership: 
What it takes to lead on a global scale

Global leadership is difficult to master, even for the most talented leaders. So what does it take? Our workshops explore what it means to think and lead globally – as well as what other companies are doing to prepare their top talent for an increasingly interconnected world.

Leadership Development: Cultivating inner wisdom and outer smarts

Our leadership development workshops incorporate the latest research on emotional intelligence, human behavior, and performance psychology. We teach your leaders how to see what others miss, communicate with authenticity, influence a critical mass, and lead wisely in volatile times.

Team Development: 
The Power of Us

Our team development workshops get everybody in the same room and on the same page. We show them how to build cohesion, foster community, and start speaking common language to achieve common goals. We focus on cultivating strength-based teams where each individual’s contribution shines – without eclipsing the rest of the group.

Custom Workshops

If you’re looking for something a little different than what you see, let us know. We’ll be happy to custom craft a workshop just for you.


"Greg is a master facilitator who understands how to analyze and address complex client challenges and how to marshall the resources of people with diverse thinking preferences and business styles. Greg is clearly a thought leader. He brings both his vision for what’s possible and his passion for ethical leadership into his work. Significantly, he influences other to do so as well. Greg is one of those rare people who truly changes the conversation."

Tim Hurson
Author, Think Better

"It is one thing to sit and have someone talk at you for a whole day with little regard to what you think, but this type of workshop, where we had the chance to relate and integrate with others – is just a great opportunity!"

Jim Lillenberg
Gateway Study Club

Are Westwood International's Leadership Programs Right For You & Your Organization?

The leaders you’ll need for tomorrow are already in your company today. Our programs are designed to bring out the best in your top performers, get them ready for the next level, and prepare them for what’s ahead. If your leadership pipeline is small or underdeveloped, chances are you have hidden talent right beside you.

If you have a pressing challenge – or opportunity – to address, you’ll need to bring people together across silos, departments, divisions, and borders to deploy solutions. We give global cross-functional teams all the tools and guidance they need to create an impact on an international scale.

You’ve acquired a new company or have a joint-venture conflict and want to blend cultures. No problem: our programs address cultural upheavals and get everyone working together on a global scale. For solutions that go around the world, turn to us.

Leaders need developing? Strategic challenges? Upcoming mergers? Global change management programs?


We design programs and workshops that meet you where you are in the moment. We solve critical organizational problems, together. Everything we do is designed with you in mind.

Our clients brought us on board to:

  • Design Executive and Management Education Initiatives
  • Implement Change Management Programs
  • Facilitate Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Help Develop a Long-Term Mission and Vision
  • Coach them through new challenges – like mergers, acquisitions, or splits

Request A Workshop/Program

Let’s discover how Westwood International can help you strengthen your leadership and organization.

We Are Proud To Work With:

Boston College
Center for Progressional Development
Central Artery Tunnel
East Boston Neighborhood Health Center
Syntron Material Handling
General Motors
Singapore Police Force 
Ministry of Manpower of Singapore
Central Main Medican Center
Franciscan Health System
General Electric
Global Institute for Leadership Development
Massachusetts General Hospital
Museum of Science
Porter Airlines
Seattle Study Club
Shell Oil

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