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In July 2020, more than 75% of leaders confessed they never managed a remote team.

And in 2021, many are still trying to figure it out.

Effectively Managing Remote Teams Development Program

Most companies have seen productivity gone up - has yours?

Has productivity increased at the cost of your team's mental wellbeing?

Do your Managers and Leaders know how to increase productivity and wellness at the same time ?

Is your company ensuring trust and psychological safety to maximize performance & ROI?

Virtual Team Meeting

Working from home is here to stay. Are your leaders ready for the new normal?

Develop the skills your managers need to run and build effective virtual teams.

Effectively Managing Remote Teams (EMRT) is an interactive 3-month virtual development program for your company's people managers and leaders.

Our EMRT program is built on 4 fundamental modules which are designed based on our experience with clients and leading academic industry research.  Featuring a series of half-day training workshops and one-hour group coaching sessions, participants will develop the skills to: 

Create innovative frameworks for creating safe, effective, and productive distributed virtual teams

Manage expectations and improve emotional intelligence

Empathetically influence and persuade in a remote teams world

Use behavioral tools to create emotional resilience and effective work habits

The Program



2-4 hour sessions over a period of 3 months

Rhythm for content:


  • Concept

  • Application Activity

  • Breakout Rooms for Practice Application

  • Q&A

  • Assignment for Real Life Application

Group Coaching Sessions

1 hour group sessions over a period of 3 months

Rhythm for coaching sessions:


  • Application assignment experience

  • Team interaction sharing

  • Q & A


​The PERMAH model is the latest data centric approach to observe and measure organizational well being allowing companies to make strategic decisions based on the data. 

  • Regular team and group surveys to measure growth of:

    • Productivity​

    • Resilience

    • Team Development

    • Health and Well Being

Learning Together & Individually

Our learning management system (LMS) uses gamification through missions, habits, and journaling exercises to reinforce learnings taught in the program.

We utilize the BEAN (behavioral enablement through artifacts and nudges) framework to ensure retention of learnings, new habit formation, and long lasting behavioral change.



Through collecting vital data through the delivery of our programs we enable our partners to measure and quantify change.

Using the Kirkpatrick Model, we work with our partners to achieve level 4 ROI.

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