What's all the fuss about building connections?

We get it.  Your team just wants to get to work...to work.  But did you know that personal connections can positively impact your productivity? It’s been proven that it can spark innovation, increase productivity, encourage a healthy work-life balance, and improve overall well-being. 

Learn about designing a custom team building program for your organization's leaders.


We work with the critical few to ignite the critical mass.

At Westwood, our high-end facilitators, coaches, and trainers, work from research-based processes to deliver custom programs to best fit your organizational culture.

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How We Custom Design Your Teambuilding Program


We build your program based on the rhythm of your company or organization to have the most impact


What will resonate best? We develop a custom blend of panels, experiences, dialogue, action-learning, storytelling, questioning, and more.


Program content is a blend of yours and ours.  80% will come from Westwood and 20% will draw from your company's key objectives.


Whether it's face-to-face, online, or blended, your program will be optimized to meet your people right where they're at.


You can't afford not to invest in team building.

Team building builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration.  The result? Innovation and productivity. 


With this top auto manufacturer, Westwood developed a custom program to create common learning opportunities that gave their top leaders the space to learn from each other, start trusting each other, and begin creating a culture of innovation together.

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Building a high performing team helps you to maximize profitability and enables your business reach a new level of success.


We know that unless we work to help change individual behavior, effective and authentic leadership development is not possible.  Through self evaluations and outsider assessments, we calculate Change Behavior Scores both immediately and over time.  


From simple assessments like Smile Sheets to gather data on session enjoyability and value to NET Promoter Scores, Kirkpatrick evaluations, and PERMAH results to dive deeper into impact, we use data to measure, execute, and optimize - both for you and for us.

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“Today, there is less conflict, less volatility and far greater stability in our practice. Our personal and professional interactions have evolved. We recognize our differences and respect them. When we have conflicts, we now have the tools to overcome them. Without Westwood International's, expertise, patience, and perseverance, we would not be where we are now. “

-Seattle-based Team Building Client

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P.S. - What happens if it doesn't 'stick?', you ask?

It always sticks.

We know it seems like a big claim, but it's true.  In our 30+ years of designing leadership development programs, it's always stuck...with >10% of participants being late-bloomers. 


The keys are strategic recruitment and consistent participation; we'll share our proven methods with you for both.