Our unique approach to leadership development teaches people how to have the internal spirit and the external skills to convene for change in a new and deeper way. We love what we do!


Greg Zlevor

President and CEO
Chief Program Designer & Facilitator

Noell Quine


Katrina De Angelis

Morgan Nichols

Christine Burych

Irena Djuric

Sharon Roy

Martha Wright

Paul Breaux

Maria Galvis

Carlos Paulet

Allen Fahden

James Rae

Demetriouse Russell

Craig McCall

Kim Hartmann

Why we became a B Corp.

At Westwood International, a culture of service is inherent in all that we do; this includes our relationships within our internal teams, with our clients, and among the communities we serve. As we continue to grow and welcome new connections to our global network, we want to be clear about our culture and what we stand for. Becoming a B Corp is our next step in our commitment to a to making a positive impact in the world. By joining the B Corp. community, we also hope to broaden our horizons and discover new ways to partner with other learning organizations that believe in the same things we do.


Leaders need developing? Strategic challenges? Upcoming mergers? Global change management programs?


We design programs and workshops that meet you where you are in the moment. We solve critical organizational problems, together. Everything we do is designed with you in mind.

Our clients brought us on board to:

  • Design Executive and Management Education Initiatives
  • Implement Change Management Programs
  • Facilitate Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Help Develop a Long-Term Mission and Vision
  • Coach them through new challenges – like mergers, acquisitions, or splits

We can't wait to connect.

Let’s discover how Westwood International can help you strengthen your leadership and organization.


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