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“You are the ‘me’ generation. You’re saying, ‘I want to have challenge, I want to be inspired, I want to make an impact.’ And if that doesn’t show up, you say, ‘I’m not going to play the game.’ But I think those are the right reasons. That’s the right kind of ME.”
Greg Zlevor | CEO Westwood International

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Ideas are at the core of all we do. They help us improve on something already in existence. They give us insight into what could be and what we can do. They give us a blank canvas in which to create and grow.

The Leadership Project is a vibrant ecosystem connecting diverse, high potential young leaders, high profile speakers, experienced business mentors, and leaders in political, non-profit, and corporate spheres.

“The status quo in our world means we’re going backwards. We need change. Status quo doesn’t work.”
former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino

Greg Zlevor and Westwood International have been inspiring leaders around the world for over 25 years to tap into their passion and creativity and realize their potential for remarkable growth. But leadership is not reserved for corporate directors in the business environment – it is within each of us. It is at the center of who we are and why we do what we do.

“Givers fall into two different groups: those who get stepped on and those who get to the top. People who are givers get ahead, as long as they’re strategic about it and thinking of others first.”  Greg Zlevor

The Leadership Project is not a workshop, event, or conference.

It is an environment where leaders from multiple generations share, grow, learn, push, and discover their passions. It is where senior business and community leaders give back while learning from those new to the workforce. It is an inclusive community where ideas are not only welcomed but encouraged.

“They were all doing the thing that they were awesome at; they had that unconscious competence. The strength of the individual became the strength of all.”  Curt Cronin on teamwork in the Navy SEALS

In May 2015, young leaders, experienced business executives, community leaders, and the Westwood team gathered in Raynham, MA for the second annual Leadership Project event. It was the beginning of a movement that will grow beyond the walls of this two-day gathering. In fact, everyone who attended continues to work together and share ideas.

“You decide how you show up in the world. You decide. I’ve seen more people lose their jobs because they can’t stop talking. They can’t be strategic. They don’t want to be strategic. They get crazy for that one person they don’t like.”
Betsy Myers

What do I need to do my best work?

That’s a question not often asked in the workplace, the office, the enterprise, or even within ourselves. What do we need, what do we want, where do we want to grow? These questions are not reserved for one generation.

“Most of us are in a relationship more with a STORY we have about the other generation than with the actual person sitting next to us. I think we have to get out of our stories about each other, stop making assumptions, stop assuming intention, and actually start having the missing conversations.” Jay Ferraro

How can you get involved in the Leadership Project right now?

Stay tuned for dates for the 2016 installment in Boston.



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