Static workshops and seminars don’t prepare top leaders for what’s coming next. We take your top talent and give them real-world business problems to tackle.






People Leaders

High-Potential Managers

Senior Managers

What We’ll Do

  • Half Day Trainings
    2-4 hour sessions over a period of 3 months
    Rhythm for content:

    • Concept

    • Application Activity

    • Breakout Rooms for Practice Application

    • Q&A

    • Assignment for Real Life Application

  • Group Coaching Sessions
    1 hour group sessions over a period of 3 months
    Rhythm for coaching sessions:

    • Application assignment experience

    • Team interaction sharing

    • Q & A​

  • Online Assesssments
    The PERMAH model is the latest data centric approach to observe and measure organizational well being allowing companies to make strategic decisions based on the data. 


  • Regular assessments, webinars, and face-to-face residencies. Participants may also learn about their personal areas for development through our assessment and coaching process.


The Logistics

  • Program Duration: 6 -12 months

  • Cohort Size: 15+ participants

  • Group Coaching Sessions:

  • Executive Coaching Sessions:

Our signature global-scale action learning programs and change management initiatives have energized the vision of global brands like Singapore Government, Volvo, Pfizer, and General Electric. 

We design high-impact global leadership programs that guide potential leaders as they make mission-critical decisions, collaborate with peers across the world, and implement new solutions for your enterprise.