Our team development workshops get everybody in the same room and on the same page. 






People Leaders

High-Potential Managers

Senior Managers

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What We’ll Do

  • Half Day Trainings
    2-4 hour sessions over a period of 3 months
    Rhythm for content:

    • Concept

    • Application Activity

    • Breakout Rooms for Practice Application

    • Q&A

    • Assignment for Real Life Application

  • Group Coaching Sessions
    1 hour group sessions over a period of 3 months
    Rhythm for coaching sessions:

    • Application assignment experience

    • Team interaction sharing

    • Q & A​

  • Online Assesssments
    The PERMAH model is the latest data centric approach to observe and measure organizational well being allowing companies to make strategic decisions based on the data. 


  • Regular assessments, webinars, and face-to-face residencies. Participants may also learn about their personal areas for development through our assessment and coaching process.


Global leadership is difficult to master, even for the most talented leaders. So what does it take?

Our virtual workshops explore what it means to think and lead globally – as well as what other companies are doing to prepare their top talent for an increasingly interconnected world.  We focus on cultivating strength-based teams where each individual’s contribution shines – without eclipsing the rest of the group.

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