What They Say


Greg Zlever from Westwood International


“Greg is a master facilitator who understands how to analyze and address complex client challenges and how to marshall the resources of people with diverse thinking preferences and business styles. Greg is clearly a thought leader. He brings both his vision for what’s possible and his passion for ethical leadership into his work. Significantly, he influences other to do so as well. Greg is one of those rare people who truly changes the conversation.”
Tim Hurson, Author, Think Better

“Akin to a ‘Medici Effect,’ he gathered people from different cultures to learn from each other; it wasn’t easy and only Greg’s expertise kept us moving forward. The result: the largest leap of personal growth in decades!
Terri Dunevant, Executive Coach

“Greg’s approachability is beyond the norm.”
Marlene Lepkoski, Senior Director, Fortune 50 Company

“Greg has the virtue to: simplify the complex; convey the intended message;
help think differently and give inspiration.”
Gizem Tanrikilici, Director, Fortune 50 Company

Greg Zlever leaving an orientation


“Greg has the insight, awareness, and emotional intelligence required to guide and motivate a group. He delivers knowledge without arrogance, judgment without ridicule, and encouragement with sincerity. Greg has a confident and reassuring presence, and he is able to develop this in others.”
James McAnanama, L-3 Wescam

“Greg is one of the most dynamic and engaging trainers I have ever worked with.
His expertise and excellent people skills make him a great asset to any client.”
Carl Asper, Aspler & Associates

“Greg is a master communicator and listener. He is capable of teaching clearly and succinctly.
No time is ever wasted!”
Miriam Levitan, Kenilworth Dental Associates

“It is one thing to sit and have someone talk at you for a whole day with little regard to what you think, but this type of workshop, where we had the chance to relate and integrate with others – is just a great opportunity!”
Jim Lillenberg, Gateway Study Club

“Greg is so powerful, thoughtful, strategic, professional, open, flexible and fun.
His enthusiasm influenced me to change my life for the better.”
Hiroki Takamatsu, Senior Director Japan, Fortune 50 Company